What is iMemories

The Best Way to Digitize Your Memories

iMemories turns all of your home movies and photos into a digital format so they can easily be viewed, shared and enjoyed on every modern device.

Digitize Your Memories Now

Enjoy Your Memories In A Whole New Way

We enhance your home videos and photos to look even better than the originals.

From Faded to Fabulous
We Take Years Off Your Memories

High Resolution Upgrade

Using industry-leading equipment and technology, our expert staff will restore your memories to look clearer than ever.

Proprietary Process

Our advanced technology and digitization process enhances your films and photos for brighter colors and sharpness

Advanced Scene Segmentation

Our professional editors delete any blank footage and intelligently segment the scenes of your full length videos.

Personal Touch

Our experts carefully process each and every film reel, videotape and photo by hand to ensure the best result.

Why Digitize Your Memories?

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Viewing and sharing memories can be a hassle.

Unlabeled tapes and no way to view them prevent you from enjoying your memories regularly.

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They’re fading faster than you think.

Videotapes, film, and photos were never meant to last forever – chances are, they’ve already started degrading.

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It’s never been easy to digitize, until now.

No need to label or organize any tapes, film, or photos. Send everything to us – we take care of all the work.

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Uncover memories you never knew you had.

Find amazing clips of family and friends you never knew existed – before it’s too late.

Digitize Your Memories Now

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Every Memory

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You can now watch, share, and enjoy your memories on EVERY device!

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America Trusts Us With Their Memories

Over 6.5 Million Memories Digitized ...and Counting

  • Our Track Record Is Impeccable

    We've digitized over 6.5 million memories and have never
    misplaced, lost, or damaged one.

  • SafeShip Kit Keeps Memories Safe

    Waterproof bags, shock-resistant foam and the crushproof box fully protect your memories, while the package is tracked every step of the way.

  • We've Partnered With The Best

    We've partnered with UPS, the most trusted delivery service in
    the world. Every package is tracked every step of the way to our facility.

  • Every Memory Is Barcoded And Tracked

    Every memory you send us is individually tagged and tracked inside our facility.

  • Large Retailers Trust iMemories

iMemories is Affordable and Convenient

3 Reasons Why Everyone Chooses iMemories

No One Does What We Do

Our apps, innovative features, and proprietary process provide unique value at an affordable price.

America Trusts Us For A Reason

Our proven track record and excellent customer service is why over 250,000 Americans have trusted us with their memories.

Limited-Time Offer

For a limited time we’re offering a significant discount on our SafeShip Kit. It won’t last long, so get yours before it’s too late.

Analog-to-Digital Conversion

Home Movies To Digital Limited Time Offer

$19.99 $12.99 per tape
Movie Films
$19.99 $12.99 per 50ft.

Photos To Digital

$0.79 $0.49 per photo
$0.79 $0.49 per negative
$0.79 $0.49 per slide

Easily Make DVDs & Blu-rays

CD Packaging

$9.99 PER DVD

$14.99 PER BLU-RAY

Makes Perfect Gift

Still have questions?

Our SafeShip kit was specially designed to protect your most treasured memories. Every SafeShip kit includes waterproof bags and shock-resistant foam in a crushproof box to provide ultimate protection during the shipping process. Additionally, every package is tracked 100% of the way with our trusted partner UPS.
Our pricing is simple and very affordable: $12.99 per videotape, $12.99 per 50ft. of movie film, and 49 cents per photo, slide, or negative.
Absolutely. Not only will you receive a 100% free no-obligation quote, you will also be able to view your entire order online before deciding to finalize your purchase.
The iMemories app is (and always will be) 100% free. The app is currently available on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Mac, PC, and select Smart TVs.
If your box of analog memories is unlabeled and unorganized, consider yourself VERY normal – 99% of all people fall into this category. At iMemories, once your memories are digitized, we will add your videos and photos to your free iMemories account so you can view them online. Our easy-to-use website allows you to label and organize your memories. It's simple, fast, and lot of fun! Bottom line: you don't need to watch, organize nor label your analog memories ahead of time - just ship them as-is.
iMemories is the best in the business and we easily clean up and restore your older analog memories. We work all-day everyday on older analog movie films, videotapes, photos, negatives and slides. Our equipment and advanced technology is the best in the industry and carefully calibrated to perform the highest quality digitization possible.
Yes. Vintage movie film is often broken when it arrives. iMemories will professionally repair (or "splice") your broken movie film – without any loss of the home movie footage. iMemories does not charge extra for this service.
Yes, iMemories can put your videos and photos onto premium quality DVDs or Blu-rays that will play on your TV and computer. Only at iMemories can you fully customize your DVDs or Blu-rays. You can edit, label and organize your videos and photos and choose exactly what memories get preserved on your DVDs or Blu-rays. iMemories DVDs and Blu-rays are premium quality and professionally packaged. Not only do they make great long term digital archives, our DVDs and Blu-rays make wonderful gifts for family and friends.
There is no limit - we can handle orders of every size. It's not uncommon for iMemories to receive orders with over 100 videotapes and movie films, and over 10,000 photos.
Yes! We convert your foreign PAL videos to US DVDs (NTSC) at no additional charge.

Join the Millions of Americans Digitizing Their Memories

iMemories SafeShip Kit

The Safest Way To Digitize Your Memories

Safe Ship Packaging

Keeps memories safe and secure

includes waterproof bags, shock resistant foam, and crush-proof box

Perfect amount of space

will comfortably fit all of your tapes, film, photos and more

Tracked every step of the way

with the most trusted delivery service in the world

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